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Amptech Systems proudly introduces our newest service, intended for Hobbyist and Do-It-Yourself collectors of vintage electronics.  The new Hobbyist Learning Experience Correspondence Series technical tutorials are intended for individuals already possessing knowledge of fundamental principles of electrical and electronic technology.  Examples include anyone having a minimum of an Associate of Applied Science Degree or equivalent experience in some related technical field, licensed Amateur Radio operators, or Skilled Trades personnel.  Technical tutorial sessions may be via telephone, email, instant messaging, teleconference, or combinations of these communication media.  Cost is $20 per hour, payable via Check, Money Order, or Credit Card (Credit Card transactions via PayPal to User ID  To expedite service, invoicing for technical tutorials can be sent to registered PayPal users who have provided the email address to which their PayPal account is linked, and an appointment scheduled.  First-time technical tutorial clients are expected to pre-pay for their first session.  Established clients may schedule sessions for post-billing.

Examples of textbooks which may be used are shown below.  Library of Congress card catalog numbers for these books will be added in a future update of this page.  Clients are expected to obtain suitable textbooks via library loan or other means.  Wherever a tutorial session is requested for a specific make and model of set, the client is expected to identify the set's service literature and obtain a copy in printed or electronic form from the publisher or via library loan.

Card Catalog Info Coming Soon

Card Catalog Info Coming Soon

Manufacturer's service literature for the RCA KCS-20 chassis (model 630TS), an exceptionally popular model of vintage television set, is available for free download via the link below.


ATTENTION: The linked file is a very large (90 megabytes) Adobe Acrobat "pdf" file.)

WARNING: The testing, troubleshooting, and restoration of vintage electronics requires considerable technical skill and  observation of Safety Precautions to minimize the possibility of serious (potentially life-threatening) personal injury and/or severe and costly property damage.

ATTENTION: The FAQ pages of and also highly-recommended resources.