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Transforming Vintage Electronics from Worn to Working Since 2002

Welcome to the AMPTECH SYSTEMS web site and our TUBETVSHOP.COM portal.  We're always growing and evolving while remaining a family-owned business.

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NOTICE: I'm currently recuperating from a sprained right thumb. I'll be taking some time off from bench work, about 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully, Spring of 2018 will mark my return to full work capability.


ATTENTION: Due to several members of staff and family dealing with significant personal health problems & requiring time to recuperate, we must downsize operations to Part Time until further notice.

Car accident injuries, surgery, & other issues affecting some family & staff members have resulted in several members of the team taking medical leave or being placed on light duty per doctors' orders. We are training newcomers to the team to fill in during these absences, & we expect everyone to be back & in great shape in a few months. Considering a new Apprentice candidate as of July, 2017.

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Your "Roundie" Color TV Headquarters    

We are one of only a few shops fully equipped for Color TV Restoration and actively advertising this service. 

All 21" Round-CRT Models and most Rectangular-CRT (Tube, Hybrid, or Early Modular Solid State Chassis) Models are supported by or Service Equipment

Pictured Above:

1964 Zenith 25LC30 Color TV, Before Restoration

The "Roundie" models are a particular favorite of the Technical team at Amptech Systems / TUBETVSHOP.COM, the first Color TV sets we remember from childhood & the first Color TV sets we learned to service as Student / Apprentice Service Technicians.

1964 Zenith 25LC30 21" Round-CRT Color TV After Complete Electronic & Cosmetic Restoration


Early Postwar B/W Models are another of our specialties. 

Our great familiarity with these early Postwar designs such as the RCA KCS-20 & KCS-21 & KCS-26 Chassis, RCA KRK-2B RF Unit (13-Channel TV Tuner), Dumont RA-103 through RA-113, and Mallory "Inductuner" (both the 13-Channel and 12-Channel versions) RF Units means that even the Restoration of sets in "rough" condition is often possible.


To our clients who intend to buy unrestored Vintage TV items via eBay which we will ultimately be Restoring, be certain to ask the Seller about making arrangements for shipping the set directly to our Restoration Shop for you.  We will provide Packaging and Shipping Insurance Terms-Of-Service Compliance instructions to Sellers at no additional cost for any eBay-purchased item whose Buyer pre-schedules for a Restoration Estimate with us during the completion of Shipping Arrangements with the item's Seller (Standard Pre-Restoration Deposit applies).  We will provide V.I.P. Service in minimizing the possibility of shipping damage and in supervising resolution of Insurance claims in the unlikely event that some problem does occur.  (Pre-sale photos of the item and photographic documentation of its Packaging will prove exceptionally helpful in verifying the item's pre-sale Condition and Insurance T.O.S. compliance of its Packaging).  We refuse to permit any valid Insurance claim to escape payment.  We are so certain of our ability to secure Resolution of any valid claim that failure to secure Resolution for any set known to have been packaged in full compliance with Insurance T.O.S. is the ONLY case in which a Pre-Restoration Deposit is refundable. (Deposit remains non-refundable in case of non-compliance by Buyer or Seller with Insurance T.O.S.)   

Click Here to Learn More About Packaging

Click Here to Pre-Register for Restoration of an eBay Purchase 


Shipping Damage: An Extreme Case Saved by our Technical staff & Insurance TOS Compliance

We have even saved some sets after extreme cases of shipping damage over the years, but full compliance with Insurance TOS in packaging is critical for purposes of holding shippers accountable for costs associated with repairing damage clearly caused by rough handling in transit.

The 1949 Fada Model 930 pictured below is one example of an Amptech Systems success story. This set was dropped in transit, breaking its picture tube. Worse, the tube imploded on impact, large chunks of heavy broken glass propelled by about a ton of air pressure literally crushed nearby structures inside the set & some cabinet corner joints were split on impact.

  Packaged exceptionally well & shipped with adequate insurance, the shipper was ultimately held accountable & the cost of repairing the damage was reimbursed so that the Restoration involved no additional cost to the client. The set was eventually donated by the estate of its owner to the Early Television Foundation & is currently on display at the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio & accompanied by a plaque identifying the exhibit as a donation from the estate of a deceased client of Amptech Systems.


Before Restoration - 1949 Fada Model 930

After Restoration - Same 1949 Fada Model 930


Attention Philco Predicta owners!  We have just completed documentation of a Philco Predicta Restoration and are ready to showcase that we offer Restoration for all models in the Predicta series and all conventional-cabinet models using chassis of the Predicta class (such as the Miss America and Slender Seventeener models).  View Dave's excellent article and photos here.

You may also want to visit Big Dave's personal Vintage TV site to view his impressive collection.  Dave's personal page is located at

We now offer re-stuffing service for multi-section electrolytic capacitors.  Cost is $10 to $25 labor plus materials (varies by number of sections, capacitance and working voltage ratings of individual sections). Original capacitor units must be structurally intact (mounting ring and lugs unbroken).  Email Us to request a quote for custom re-stuffing of specific capacitor types.

We are also equipped to service Vintage Automobile Radio.  Service available for all tube-type and most transistor models, 6V or 12V DC, positive or negative ground.  Our Bench Power Supply can operate any Vintage Auto Radio for troubleshooting, alignment, or post-service testing.  We have serviced radios for 1937 Plymouth, 1953 Buick, 1963-65 AMC/Rambler, 1970-75 General Motors, and others.

Experience has shown that foreign sets typically require replacement of a far greater number of their original components during Restoration than American products require in order to obtain satisfactory performance.  For this reason, and due to a trend we have observed whereby foreign products typically require far more Labor during the debugging process, we have determined that Restoration of foreign sets is typically not economically feasible.  We will no longer accept Restoration requests for foreign items.  Limited exceptions to this new policy will be made at our discretion, but Labor rates and prepaid Deposit amounts for the servicing of imported items will be greater than those for American sets.  

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